Jeff Kwiecien












CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Jeff is an Active Duty National Guardsman who has served in many duty stations around the globe.  Looking for a way to improve overall fitness for life’s “unknown and unknowable”, Jeff found CrossFit in an unlikely place; Taji, Iraq.

Always a heavy child, and not a very athletic teen (he lettered in Fencing 3 years in HS) Jeff always found weight loss and fitness to be a struggle and self-defeating task in which there was never any gain. CrossFit changed all of that with its methodology and diet prescription.

Jeff returned from overseas with a renewed spirit to help others find what he has found, and give the gift of fitness to anyone that will listen.  Jeff received his Level 1 in December 2011, and has coached at several gyms.  Jeff had the opportunity to be a Judge at the 2014 Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Regionals.  The immersion into such a large portion of the CrossFit Community was inspiring and motivating.

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