CrossFit Fundamentals

One of the biggest hurdles that people face when starting CrossFit is understanding the “language” that CrossFit uses. CrossFit uses terms to describe programming and movements that most people have never heard of. Beyond just the description, many movements in CrossFit are foreign to most of the fitness community because of the broad range of disciplines that CrossFit covers. Our Fundamentals program is designed to navigate you through this first daunting phase of your CrossFit journey. During our Fundamental program we will familiarize you with the broad range of movements and exercise philosophies that CrossFit uses to make the most versatile, functional bodies in the world. We will also teach you how to perform these activities SAFELY so that you keep training… and progressing! During your Fundamentals be ready to exercise your mind as much as or more than your body. We’ll be covering safety, technique, and terminology from virtually every physical discipline in the world. You’ll learn how to identify and perform basic techniques from gymnastics, rowing, plyometrics, Olympic weightlifting, power lifting, kettlebell work, etc. We will be teaching you some new concepts from disciplines you may have already tried, like running, weight lifting, jumping rope, sit-ups, push-ups, etc. CrossFit Iron and Steel will be offering TWO weeks of free Fundamentals classes from Monday, June 1 – Saturday, June 13. If you can attended at least 4 of these classes, you’ll probably be ready to jump into CrossFit! If you are unable to attend classes during this time, you are required to go through a fundamental course with one of our coaches before you try a regular class.

Fundamentals Program:  $140 – Fundamentals is a series of four private sessions lasting approximately one hour that are focused on theory and skill development. You will cover topics such as proper movement mechanics, movement safety, recovery and how to make the most of your CrossFit experience. After you complete the Fundamentals program, the rest of the month is covered in your Fundamentals fee and you are welcome to come to any class you’d like at that point.


Adult                                                                     $80/month (Member)      $110 (Non-member)

Active Duty Military/First Responders           $75/month

College Student with ID                                    $55/month

Teen (13-18)                                                       $52/month

Child (5-12)                                                         $52/month


1/2 off Adult Rate for Spouse of Current Member

Family Rate (minor Children)                            $175/month

Drop-in fee:                                                               $10/day (excluding DACC day pass fee)


Want to try before you buy? Your first class at CrossFit Iron and Steel is free! Just let the folks at the front desk know that you’re interested in trying CrossFit and they will point you in the right direction!


Is CrossFit worth what I’m paying?


CrossFit rates seem low when compared to personal training sessions.
CrossFit rates seem high when compared to most gym memberships.

CrossFit is a combination of these two experiences.

A typical CrossFit class includes the execution of complex or skilled movements. Performing these movements correctly requires the attention of a knowledgeable coach. Your time in CrossFit will train you in a variety of new skills, each of which will require the attention of the CrossFit coach… probably at every class you attend. CrossFit classes also provide you with a variety of programming to develop you as a complete athlete. Getting similar training from personal trainers would cost a fortune. Owning the equipment necessary to maintain these skills would cost another fortune. Learning and maintaining these skills a CrossFit gym is economical by comparison.

A regular gym membership will be far cheaper than a CrossFit Gym because a simple gym membership will do none of things listed above. You will not receive individual instruction. You will not have access to equipment necessary for learning skilled CrossFit movements. You will not have diverse programming organizing your workouts. Attending a CrossFit class at any rate is a better deal than the “fitness” offered by the big gym industry.

In most cases, CrossFit boxes charge by the month, for unlimited access to class times. If clients attend three classes a week, most clients will pay about $10 a class. If clients attend classes on every day they are offered, most clients will pay about $4 a class. Between the coaching, the skills, and the equipment, this is quite the bargain.


*Please note that a membership to the Danville Area Community Center is required in order to become a member at CrossFit Iron and Steel*